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Sidekiq: An introduction to background job processing

Processing millions and thousands of records is a time-consuming task that cannot be completed quickly. The user must wait for the process to complete, which can be a lengthy and...

Continuous integration and deployment with CircleCI and Ruby on Rails

This blog post will explore how to implement Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) using CircleCI and Ruby on Rails.

Prosopite: A Comprehensive Solution for Detecting N+1 Queries in Rails

As the size of the application increases, there may be latency from the backend. One possibility is that we are experiencing the N+1 query problem in our backend queries. In...

Brakeman: A Powerful Security Analysis Tool for Ruby on Rails Applications

Brakeman is a security analysis tool that is designed specifically for Ruby on Rails applications.

Transform hash value(s) in Ruby

In order to transform or change hash values in ruby, generally we use map or each_with_obejct or inject