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Prosopite: A Comprehensive Solution for Detecting N+1 Queries in Rails

Prosopite: A Comprehensive Solution for Detecting N+1 Queries in Rails

As the size of the application increases, there may be latency from the backend. One possibility is that we are experiencing the N+1 query problem in our backend queries. In this blog post, we will discuss how to detect the N + 1 queries.

There are many gems in marketplace, and we are going to discuss about Prosopite and how it is different from Bullet.

While both Prosopite and Bullet are gems used to detect N + 1 queries in Rails, they differ in their approach. Bullet is a gem that works by analyzing your code and pointing out potential N + 1 queries during runtime. On the other hand, Prosopite is a runtime analysis tool that works by analyzing SQL queries made to the database during runtime. This means that Prosopite is able to detect N + 1 queries that Bullet might not be able to catch, and is generally considered to be a more comprehensive solution.

How to configure Prosopite in existing application:

  1. Add gem prosopite in your gemfile and then execute bundle install OR
  2. gem install prosopite to use prosopite directly.

Under config/environments/development.rb, use the following configuration:

config.after_initialize do
	Prosopite.rails_logger = true        # Send warnings to the Rails log
	Prosopite.prosopite_logger = true    # Send warnings to log/prosopite.log

Since we are using prosopite in our development environment, we have added its configuration in environments/development.rb.

After starting the development server with the rails server command, Prosopite will log any N+1 queries in your application to the log/prosopite.log file.

In summary, Prosopite is a comprehensive solution for detecting N+1 queries in Rails applications. While there are other gems available in the marketplace, Prosopite offers a unique approach to detecting these queries by analyzing SQL queries made during runtime. By configuring and implementing Prosopite in your application, you can optimize performance and improve the overall user experience.

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