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Soft Delete in Ruby on rails

Building a web app that can perform basic crud operations can be easily done with Rails.

Delete VS Destroy in Rails

In this blog, we are going to see the difference between delete and destroy methods in rails.

Rails console: Pretty Print

Output of rails console is in raw format. Oftentimes, when debugging or using rails console makes us hard to debug the code or print data.

Benchmark module in Rails

Benchmark is a module provided by ruby which helps you to measure the time taken to execute

Direct upload files to S3 - Ruby Code

In this blog, we will see how one can directly upload file to S3 bucket.

Taking database backup from RDS snapshots for multitenancy application

By default, Amazon RDS creates and saves automated backups of your DB instance securely in Amazon S3 for a particular retention period, we can change the period or we can...