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Flay gem - Write clean code

This tutorial is regarding Flay gem helps you to avoid duplications and similarities in code to write a clean code

Eager loading in rails

Eager loading is nothing but loading all the associated records using as few queries as possible.

Dup use case explained

Let’s consider a scenario where you want to make some changes in value but also needs original value for another computation.

Attribute reader, writer and accessor in Ruby

Oftentimes, we need to use instance variables outside of the class in ruby code. We know that instance variables can be accessed by methods. And to access these methods, we...

Member Vs Collection Routes in Rails

To understand the difference between collection and member routes, first let’s take an example. Suppose we are having 3 models called User, Post, and Comment.

Dockerize Ruby on Rails Application containing private repository or mounted engine in it

Dockerizing a ruby on rails application in which you have mounted a Rails Engine or include private repository in Gemfile is a bit tricky.